3D Map

About the 3D Map

About the 3D Map

1. To make people get a better and full understanding of the campus, we apply the "Panoramic Roaming of Chinese Universities and Colleges" from 720yun.com.

2. With the 3D map, people can reach every corner of the campus. As a result, a real campus of universities and colleges is just close at hand.

3. It is a pity that there is no English version available for the map for now. Foreign may be confused with the meaning of those Chinese characters shown on the screen.

4. Don't be down! The following will show you how to use the map in detail.

Quick Guide to the Map

1. Drag the mouse to switch your view into any angles.

2. Roll the mouse wheel up and down to Zoom in or Zoom out the picture.

3. Introduction to the "icons" on the screen.


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